Masonic Biography

W Bro. James A Carey
Deputy District Grand Master

Deputy District Grand Master, WBro James A Carey
Deputy District Grand Master, W Bro. James A Carey

James Alexander Carey was born in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Bahamas on July 30th 1955, the last of six children. He was initiated into Freemasonry in Nassau, Bahamas on May 31st 1979 in Lodge of Unity 8760. He was proposed by W Bro. Robert H J Hall PADGM and RW Bro. Peter D Cole PDGM.

In 1980 he moved to Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas to commence and head a General Insurance Agency. He remains in that position today.

After being raised in November 1981, he joined the Lucayan Lodge 8188 and served as Master thereof for the year 2009/10. Previous to that he has served as Master of Bahamas Installed Masters Lodge 8764 and Ernest Sidney Larkin Lodge of Research and Instruction 9776. He was recently honored with a promotion in grand rank to the position of Past Junior Grand Deacon. He currently serves as Assistant District Grand Master in the District of Bahamas & Turks.

*On the occasion of his installation, the District Grand Master has appointed W Bro. Carey to the office of Deputy District Grand Master.*

During his Masonic career, he has served as Master of three Scottish Lodges in the Bahamas being founding Master of one of them. In the District of The Bahamas, he served as Substitute District Grand Master then Depute District Grand Master and was appointed Hon. Senior Grand Deacon by The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

He has held numerous positions, particularly in the lodges and orders operating in the northern Bahamas and remains very active.
Currently, he serves as Second District Grand Principal in the District Grand Chapter of Bahamas & Turks.

In November 2016, he was appointed as Inspector General for the District of Bahamas & Turks, succeeding V Ill Bro. Peter D Cole. He is the third appointed to that office.

It is to be noted that James comes from a strong masonic heritage, both his father and older brother being members of the Prince Hall Lodge in their hometown.

Having left home to further his education at the age of eleven, although having a deep love for his birthplace, he has lived away ever since.

He is married to Tenisha and is a committed and dedicated father and grandfather.